12 Days of Deadpool

12 Days of Deadpool


In case you missed it; in the lead up to Christmas, in one of the greatest hijackings of a Holiday ever Deadpool announced that he would be giving the world 12 glorious days of Deadpool in the lead up to a new trailer on Christmas day for his film. What a gift.

Obviously Christmas day is here now so I've seen the beautiful beast in all it's glory and it is un-fucking-believably good.

But for those who haven't been following this Deadpool extravaganza, I've decided to pull together all the teasers we got over the last 12 days as well as the main trailer itself.

Day 1

12 days of Deadpool day 1

In true Deadpool fashion he started with a bang in every sense of the word. The sexual innuendo is undeniable and unavoidable in this poster. You'd literally have to be blind to miss it.

It's goddamn beautiful.

Day 2

12 days of Deadpool day 2

Day 2 was the man bringing Deadpool to life (Ryan Reynolds) playing with himself...or at least a cardboard cut out of himself playing Deadpool playing Santa.

Day 3

12 days of Deadpool day 3

Day 3 saw Deadpool hatching a straight up insane battle plan involving flamethrowers, medical waste and...a honey badger? I'm sure it will make sense in context....probably.

12 days of Deadpool day 3.1

Day 4

12 days of Deadpool day 4

Yes, that crazy bastard still believes in Santa, or he wrote a list just in case Santa is real. You never know.

Day 5

12 days of Deadpool day 5

The release of another poster that imitates the classic school picture that everyone is forced to take. Deadpool makes it his own.

Day 6

12 days of Deadpool day 6

A page from the script with notes from Deadpool! Or they're from Ryan Reynolds...at this point it's unclear where the boundary is. He's too far down the Chimichanga hole.

Day 7

Deadpool recaps his 2015 in a newsletter.

12 days of Deadpool day 7

Day 8

Deadpool emoticons! (need I say more?)

![12 days of Deadpool day 8]

Day 9

Now he really starts to tease us...

Day 10

Before getting into the spirit of Christmas...kind of. This things like an hour+ 69 minutes (get it?? 69? like a...ah forget it). I've not watched it all but it's littered with text commentary from Deadpool for those who stay the course and watch it all the way. Your choice.

Day 11

On the eve of the trailer he released a special Christmas eve trailer for the trailer in the style of a "normal" Christmas movie trailer.

And if that wasn't enough there was a special teaser for all you sports fans too!

Then finally...it was Christmas morning. If you were good and paid for your data you like me would have been able to watch the trailer as soon as you woke up.

Deadpool core

Or if you were naughty like Deadpool you were stealing your neighbours internet and had signed up for Deadpool Core to get all the juicy meets first!

Whatever the case you got to see the films second trailer in all it's beautiful unfuckable glory. If you didn't here it is below.


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