Artist Highlight: Pickled Circus

Artist Highlight: Pickled Circus

Fatheful fable of 13

As it's Friday 13th I decided there was no better time than now to talk about a favourite Artist of mine Matthew Roby who goes by the moniker Pickled Circus probably due to the wondrous menagerie of misfits, monsters and marvels that he creates!

A talented artist by no small stretch he has created a whole host of weird and wonderful characters starting as sketches, building into fully formed characters with backstories and finally sculptures/custom collectible toys which is how I discovered him on one of my many tumbles down the Instagram rabbit hole. As luck may have it he also went to Toy Con last year and this year so I got to see his amazing art up close!

This year I even got hold of some prints and the book of some of his characters which is called "The Fateful Fable of 13".

Fateful Fable of 13

It is an amazing book full of imagination that ties together 13 unlucky individuals in ever more interesting and imaginative ways, each dying a gruesome death.

Whats more is that all of these characters Matthew has brought to life in his toys which are masterful to say the least.

rabbit pickled circus

I will no doubt own at least one of them as soon as I can afford to part with the well deserving price tag attached to his art but for now I'm happy to be able to admire and also share his amazing work.

If you want to check out his work I fully recommend having a look at his Instagram.

If you want to buy some of his stuff he also has a store you can check out.

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