Christmas the most wonderful time of year?

Or is it? Every year without fail for some unknown reason writers of countless television shows decide that their characters just aren't allowed to have a "Merry" Christmas. No their characters must live through a torturous holiday break and sometimes (especially if you're Sean Bean) you might not even live through that!

So is Christmas really the most wonderful time of year? Yes you spend it with family, friends and co-workers making the most of this joyous season. But in reality, in that deep dark part of your soul that you don't allow out into the public domain for fear of being labelled a weirdo, you are craving your next fix of your favourite show like a meth addict forced to go cold turkey by the powers that be who decided you just couldn't handle that show 24/7. Or maybe the writers just wanted to go on a break, enjoy their Christmas and still have an audience to come back to? Maybe.

But do they have to be such bastards about it? Give us a little fix...please?!

A webisode.

A seasonal greeting from the characters.

A special one of episode that has nothing to do with the main story.

Even a badly written comic hosted on the crappy site the network thinks is suitable to host it on will do!

But whatever you do don't leave us out to dry with nothing to watch.

Christmas the most wonderful time of year??
Don't make me laugh.

There's only so much family time a guy can stand. Sure stuffing my face with food and drink followed by the opening of gifts passes some of the time but then I've got those days of having nothing and I mean absolutely nothing to watch in the space between December 24th and January 3rd.

Well I say nothing but I'm lying. There's always the tonne of Christmas films that TV networks deem appropriate to shove down our respective throats because we absolutely LOVE those. We really do it's freaking odd. It's practically the only time of year I re-watch a select few films out of traditions held from childhood. But's getting tiring watching the same ones every year, and even when you mix it up with something new you can always tell where the film will be going.

So maybe the TV writers have the right idea putting their characters in jeopardy. Maybe the idea isn't to create a cliffhanger but more to create a break in the mundane and cliche idea of Christmas created by the decades of Christmas films and specials that we have been fed since childhood. Maybe we should be thankful to them.

Or maybe I'm full of crap and those bastards should just give us what we want...more TV.

I hate Christmas. (not really I love it)

Happy Holidays!!
Robot Santa

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