Civil War Collector Corps

Civil War Collector Corps

Civil War
The latest Collector Corps celebrates the amazing film that is Captain America Civil War and came just before I was going to see it for a midnight showing which was an amazing surprise.

As usual the design is slick with artwork featured on the outside and inside of the box. I particularly enjoyed the split of the teams inside the box with Cap and Iron Man's faces at the forefront. It was a great design feature that tied in with the rest of the box.

The contents this time included a card insert that gave all the information about the contents. This is something that the boxes have sorely needed since they were first incarnated and I do hope they continue to do this as it really brings together the contents.

Card insert

Obviously I wore the t-shirt to the film and looked like an absolute fan boy because well...I am, but my favourite things from the box has to be the set of Iron Man and Cap which are both in dynamic action poses. I actually can't wait to get some new shelves to show them off as I've run out of room!

Overall this is a solid box, however as my money is becoming increasingly tight I've decided to make the hard decision to discontinue getting the Collector Corps. I'm glad to see it improving it's design, and what it offers (finally) but I need money haha. I still have maybe 1 or 2 boxes left to receive so I look forward to what it will be!

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