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Cosplay Page

TV Trev Cosplay

So I've decided to launch my own cosplay Facebook page. This is something I've been putting off for a few months out of pure laziness but I finally decided to do so I could have somewhere to log my progress weekly as I attempt my most ridiculous daring project yet.

As I hinted in earlier posts I have always had a life long ambition to create a giant robot and last year while discussing with friends what I could cosplay to this year's LFCC I played with the idea of doing Blastoise. Luckily I talked myself out of that and instead decided to do the far more achievable Hulkbuster...

For those of you wondering what a Hulkbuster is it's the Iron Man armour made primarily to take on the Hulk and will be featuring in the upcoming Age of Ultron movie.


Now this project could fail massively but that is a risk with anything so as with everything I do I will be going all in with this and hopefully making something that closely resembles the one that will feature in the films.

I've never created something so massive before so it will be very interesting to try and attempt. As it is so big I will be breaking it down into sections so that it is easier for me to put on and so the task doesn't seem so massive. In an ideal situation it should take 3 months to have it ready to paint doing it on my own and in my spare time around blogging etc. However factoring in the fact that my life is usually quite chaotic and that I've never done anything like this before I've given myself 5 months to do it.

The cosplay will have 11 parts to it

Upper arms and shoulders x2
Forearms and hands x2
Thighs x2
Lower legs x2
Cod piece

I've worked out I will be between 7-8 feet tall when it's complete and if I stick to the source material it will have 15 "arc reactors".

My main goal will be to keep cost as low as possible by building it out of cardboard and EVA foam.

If you want to follow my journey building this just like my page on Facebook (link below)

I may definitely go crazy doing this but at least I'll have fun doing it...


Yeah my cosplay won't be doing that...

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