Empty Cup Awards

Empty Cup Awards

Empty cup awards
We all watch TV and film knowing that it's make believe even if the film or show is based on something that really happened. For the most part we accept the world presented to us but sometimes the "realism" breaks down when the simple things aren't presented in the right way: family pictures, social media, driving scenes...we all have that one that we get fixated on.

The guys at Slate took it a step further and actually created a video about it. For them it was the simple coffee cup and the fact that most of the ones on TV are empty. Yes...empty.

You can view their video here and support their cause with the hashtag #EmptyCupAwards


Please note this should not be confused with the similarly named Empty Cups Awards which was a feature by a wordpress blog on worst films...

Now I'm what some might call an obsessive TV viewer with an unrealistic amount of TV to watch in a week. I manage somehow and throughout the years I've managed to avoid seeing this empty cup phenomenon but now that I've seen it I don't think I'll be able to ignore it. Much like pulled punches seen in poorly choreographed shows and product placement pretty much everywhere, I will now see empty coffee cups everywhere...

Maybe this will lead to everyone drinking water in clear bottles. It might encourage healthy life choices than that coffee sludge (I don't drink hot drinks unless ill). This could bring down the coffee kings of Starbucks and Costa!

Yeah I'm dreaming of course, you people will never give up your coffee addiction but you never know...

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