Going through the motions

For a lot of us our life is a series of motions that we follow through. A pattern that seems the most logical for whatever it is we're doing whether it's work or something more fun. Unsurprisingly businesses use this human trait in the systems that they create.

To me this is what it feels like most television shows created by the numerous channels have become. By most I mean the shows that everyone has become accustomed to watching that follow the same pattern that they know works. The sit-coms, the historical re-enactments, the hospital dramas, and even the hero drama now that they've figured out the formula.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing, these shows are my bread and butter, they stop me from succomming to the boredom that so many people complain about. However the shows that are the breakout hits are the ones that break this norm that we're used to. They hide within the normal conventions of these shows but throw in something different whether it's a character that wouldn't usually be in there, making it more like a movie, changing the way people look at a story or marketing it in a different way.

There's lots of different ways to break the norm but the norm is needed. Going through the motions is a nesesity for the unusual and spectacular to truly shine.

I bring this up in relation to an article I recently read which stated that TV was nearing it's peak for new shows created in a year. I for one am glad that it has/will hit a plateau. The TV industry has taken to churning out new shows that fit the patterns they know work for too long without thinking of the end point or thinking of changing the game. This is why Netflix and cable channels with their standout properties do so well. Rather than focusing only on going through the motions of television creation they make a point to innovate more than anything else.

The television industry is changing and this is a fantastic thing. With this change comes new patterns and at some point a reimagination of the old patterns.

I'm looking forward to the future it's going to be interesting.

This could all just be word vomit but it's my blog so...meh.

Hope you enjoyed reading it!

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