Is Netflix changing?

Is Netflix changing?

The Get Down
Netflix's latest series has just hit it's service and it is without a doubt a story that needs to be seen and heard. With a brilliant cast of young people the show is a brilliant blend of music and style which is rarely seen in a TV show and usually confined to film. It should come as no surprise that the show is from the brain of Baz Luhrmann as well as executive producer Catherine Martin, legendary MC and executive producer Nas, and of course associate producer Grandmaster Flash.

However I'm not here to talk about the show itself or what it does right and wrong, there are other places you can read that like on Vox which hits the nail on the head with most of this.

What I want to talk about is the possibility that with this series Netflix is preparing audiences for a coming change in the way it releases shows and for this blogger a very welcome one. If you've followed my blog then you will know that I both watch a lot of shows and struggle when Netflix decides to drop a full series in my lap.

With The Get Down, Netflix has decided to do things a little differently and release the show in 2 parts with the second part coming out in 2017 with no date having been confirmed yet. This might be because of the clearly massive project that the show is or it might be the answer to the growing challenge for audiences ability to fit all their favourite shows in.

Netflix is clearly a service that listens to it's audience as can be seen from the brilliant shows they have continued to bring out over the years, they're the game changers who aren't afraid to switch from the conventional. When major channels were sticking to their schedules, Netflix disrupted that. When shows were largely ignoring stories that concentrated on female perspective they brought out Orange is the New Black. When drama was heavily concentrated on stories around adults they brought us Stranger Things and The Get Down.

Netflix is constantly changing so I don't think it's too far a stretch to think they would change their own releasing format as a result of their conclusions from their data or audience feedback.

I really do hope that this two part release is the new format they will go with in the near future.

What do you think?

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