LFCC 2014: The benefits of pre-booking

After many distractions it's finally time for the final LFCC post and what great timing for it with the release for next summer's tickets just around the corner!

This will be a short post about the benefits that come with pre booking tickets to the event. By tickets I mean both the tickets to the actual event as those for photo shoots or signatures. These events are getting bigger every year so pre booking is becoming a necessity as bigger attractions (actors, directors, writers, sports stars etc.) come. This means that newbs (like I was this year) come when they haven't in the past.


This is not from prior experience but more common sense and what I saw this year from people who had made the mistake of not pre-booking entry tickets or tickets to the shoots/autographs they wanted to get.

These were some highly stressed and angry individuals for the most part. They like everyone else wanted to get in to the event or get their shoot done with one of their favourite actors but found themselves at the back of the line or in a number system for when they could see the person (which meant they had no chance realistically).

I chose to pre-book my tickets so I could for the most part enjoy the event without having to worry about queuing that much.

You're always going to have to queue. There's no way to avoid it. But you have the power to alleviate some of that stress by picking how many queues you're going to be in. Do you really want to queue for tickets and queue to actually see the person or do you just want to queue to see the person. In my head it's a simple choice.

This brings me on to my second point...


When you pre-book you have infinitely more time to plan than someone who hasn't as you know exactly where you need to be and how much time you'll have. Those who don't pre-book have similar knowledge but it is far less precise as there is no guarantee they will be in the place they need to be as they haven't got their tickets. You have.


My final point on pre-booking is that when you do you can choose whether you want to get those extra special tickets that have perks like:

Audiences with your favourite actor
Queue Jumps
Goody Bags

These are of course just a few examples of the top of my tired head but there are more. As I've said when you pre-book you get to decide what ticket you want (as long as you do it early enough). When you don't you're leaving your fate in the hands of the masses and how popular the event is that year.

I hope you enjoyed this hastily written final piece on LFCC 2014. Honestly I just wanted to finish this as I've done and watched more than a few things since then and want to write about something else.

As always I'll try to sum the post up.

Golden ticket

Remember you can be this kid. I believe you'll make the right choice.

See you at LFCC 2015!

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