Life can shock you sometimes

This is going to be a short but sweet blog post that was unplanned but I figured I didn't want to do a series of tweets trying to take it in.

One of the films I cited in my last blog post has a director from an unlikely source. I didn't catch it due to my inexperience researching and writing, but the world works in mysterious way or the brain and how it focuses on things after the fact and I happened upon a wikipedia link on Facebook showing that the director Gareth Edwards is a man from the town I currently (unfortunately) live in!

My shock was quickly replaced by a need to verify wikipedia being correct as everyone knows you shouldn't trust everything you read there.

After a bit of searching I found a post in my local newspaper about Gareth getting an honorary degree but totally skimming over the Godzilla story!! Although to be fair to them the details of him directing were probably still being ironed out (maybe) but still it's had a trailer now get it together reporters!

After I verified that he was one and the same I did what any sane person in this day and age does when it's nearly midnight on a Saturday after finding out news like this I tweeted about it.


Now if you don't live in or around Nuneaton, have never heard of the place or have never been here you will not know why this is shocking so I will tell you. The general population of Nuneaton rarely have the good fortune Gareth has had. I'm not saying they're stupid, I'm saying a large majority don't take the opportunity that life gives them sometimes. They squander it or make foolish mistakes or life just beats them down.

There are however the cases like Gareth that give me hope that this town can produce talent. So yes, life has managed to shock me tonight.

For those of you who don't know what Godzilla is please read my previous post and/or watch the trailer.

I'll leave it there. If you have any comments or thoughts about this post please leave them in the comments section.

As always I'll end with something from a TV show. This sums up how I feel I think.


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