London Film and Comic Con 2014 Cosplay Update

London Film and Comic Con

Thought I'd do a small update on London Film and Comic Con which is approximately a month away now. For those of you who follow me or know me you will know that I will be cosplaying when I go. This will be the first time ever that I'll be cosplaying so I'm looking forward to it. I've decided to jump in at the deep end and create two full costumes for the event, which I will wear over the 3 days.

I will try to take as many pictures as possible during the builds so that I can do a post after the event for those wanting to know how they can create their own versions of what I'll be going as.

For those wondering what I'll be going as; one costume will be the Miles Morales version of Spiderman, which is about 65-70% complete I would say.

Miles Morales

This is based off of multiple ways to go about building a Spiderman costume out there. I've picked the right one it seems from the quality of material I have received.

I posted a picture on the LFCC group that I joined on Facebook and got a great reaction! Which was fantastic as I haven't even completed the mask or anything.

Miles Morales cosplay

The other costume will be a self-designed Mojo Jojo costume. I have gathered 40-50% of the items I will need to make it. I'm hopeful a month will be sufficient time for me to go about with the fabrication of it. Fingers crossed I can pull it out of my ass...figuratively not literally.

The design will be less cartoony and more realistic than what Mojo Jojo was like on the Powerpuff Girls.

Mojo Jojo

From what I've seen online no one has been able to do a good version of him thus far save a girl who did a decent gender swap one (genuinely wishing I had those boots for mine). So I'm really hoping I can pull this off.

Mojo Jojo girl Cosplay

If all fails and I don't get it ready in time (I'll get it ready in time) I can always use Mojo Jojo for Halloween.

I'm really looking forward to London Film and Comic Con now having written this. Also really nervous about how much time I have left to do 2 costumes!!! Really hate the fact I have to work for's like they don't know I have limited time to make these costumes!

Hope you enjoyed this brief update on my cosplay for London Film and Comic Con 2014. Unplanned but I thought I should post this after the reaction yesterday.

As always I'll end with something that sums the post up.


I'm totally panicking now...

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