Long overdue update

TV Trev

I've been a bit absent as of late trying to finish costumes for London Film and Comic Con, which starts today and ends Sunday. I've also been busy training for tough mudder. But most importantly I've been busy doing photo-shoots with Androo Stain to give my blog, Twitter and Facebook (when it decides to work for me) page a more polished, personal feel and long overdue update!

I'd already updated my personal Facebook page with the images before and teased the initial video. However now that both projects have been officially finished I can finally post the hi-res versions along with the amazing videos that Androo has put together on how he went about making them. Check the videos out below and let me know what you think about the new look.

In an odd coincidence I got my hair cut for comic con by one of the muscians from Only Shadows who provided the music for the above video. I only realised afterwards...

This last video took the longest to get done and was the main reason I held of updating everything. I'm really glad I did as it shows off Androo's work for what it is. Amazing.

Seriously I look like Quasimodo in real life.

I hope you enjoyed the videos. Let me know what you think of the new headers/backgrounds. The Facebook one is being an absolute bastard at the minute so I will update next week.

London Film and Comic Con is this weekend so you can expect next week and the weeks after to have a series of updates, pictures and hopefully videos of what I got up to over the 3 days.

I'm also going to be meeting up with someone before the convention that I never in a million years would have thought I'd get the opportunity to meet. Those who read this can look forward to the results of that meet up at a future date.

I'll end it with this as well...Comic Con.

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