Loot Crate Quest

Loot Crate Quest


This month...last month's crate was Quest, I actually did get it last month but failed to write about it as planned because...life. I also didn't really feel like writing about as I feel like the majority of the crate was wasted on me this time.

The crate celebrated adventures, quests and fellowships, which are all cool things but I can't honestly say I'm a diehard fanboy over stuff like dungeons and dragons. Saying that however the crate was as always filled with wonder and delight even for those who like me were not diehard fans of the content.

The magazine was full of things I imagine you would find in a dungeon masters book while going through the game such as letters from past players and mythical mixology recipe...

The box design was one which was I have to say a little lacking with a simple maze design.

What was not lacking however was the shirt which was from Labyrinth and the stand out item of a drinking horn which will almost certainly be being used in a future cosplay.

I'm going to leave this post here mainly because I need to eat but have a video...

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