Munny Mojo Jojo

Munny Mojo Jojo

Munny Contest
A blank canvas is a wonderful thing, it's a place where dreams happen, where you can create whatever comes to your mind. If you're like me, when you saw the brief you wanted to do something that no one else would be doing with the Munny. I chose to do my now go to and probably favourite character...Mojo Jojo.

I'll be honest I had no idea where to start or how it would end up however I'm pretty proud of what Munny Mojo looks like right now as a finished piece.

I based him on the cosplay that I did for last year's LFCC and made him a little bit darker...if that's even possible. Most people probably won't get the reference without the Powerpuff girls in the background and that's okay but my hope is that at least one or two people get it.

There's a slim (very slim) chance that Mojo could get the votes needed to win the competition in one of the four categories that I've entered him into, however with the humongous lead that some entries have that is a slim chance indeed.

So I call upon you, mysterious readers of this blog who rarely speak, please vote for Mojo Jojo. He's a dark, twisted and misunderstood soul but he deserves to win at least once against those damn powerpuff girls don't you think?

Mojo Jojo Munny

So if you could spare a minute to vote for my Munny Mojo Jojo in the following categories that would be amazing!

Most fashionable
Best Lookalike
Best Hero or Villain
Best Modified

Thank you. Check out the process I took to create him on my instagram.

Remember one of the best villains of all time

Mojo Jojo

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