My unlikely fury to Dinner Date

My unlikely fury to Dinner Date

Dinner Date

Calling myself a casual watcher of the show is generous to say the least. I glance at it out of curiosity every now and then when I'm in the office canteen and it's on the TV there. However for the last two Monday mornings I've been fortunate or unfortunate enough to watch and analyse two full shows one with a male contestant and one with a female contestant. I've come to a conclusion...people are fucking idiots.

People who participate in it

First those hopeful suckers who are stupid enough to take part in the show in hopes of getting a second date, you're surprisingly stupid for thinking you have any hope of actually getting away without making a fool of yourself on camera. Not only that you risk showing how piss poor you are at cooking. Or even worse showing how great you are at cooking and still not getting a date because you've got no game.

The person actually picking

I saw both a man and a woman pick and I can without a doubt say women are better at picking than the men. At the end of the day in the real world it's always their choice (don't fool yourself into any other way of thinking) but on this show a man got to choose in one of the two episodes I watched. One girl was a mess, another was "okay" and the third was without a doubt wife material. This had one clear outcome right? My friend could see it, I could see it, any fucker watching could see it, but everyone watching would have been wrong and would like me have been tempted to punch the screen in a futile attempt to hit Tony (I'm sure his name was's always Tony) in the face.

He picked the okay one. Not the wife material. The guy is an absolute bell-end and will forever live to regret that decision as he gets sub-par meals instead of fine dining and great conversation.

The woman who had to pick didn't have a great choice of men and unsurprisingly didn't date her choice (a so-called first date specialist) long after the show finished.

Those watching it

I worry for those that actually do watch this type of throw away tele. I literally only watched it as the data on my tablet unwittingly ran out this week and the previous week as my friend was flicking through the channels. But my god I could not put myself through this every day. Watching people eat is almost as bad as watching paint dry. I feel for any and all service workers who have to suffer through watching countless first dates with piss poor conversation such as the ones seen on this show. Writing this I can feel the rage building so I'll stop here.

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to entertainment so who am I to judge, I just know every time I watch it I will probably end up wanting to throw the remote at the idiots on the show...

I had some depraved fun writing this (kind of a cathartic release) so if I ever get time I might put myself through First Dates to likely write a similar rage filled post.

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