So much TV so little time

So much TV so little time

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There are only so many hours in a day but we are constantly bombarded with new and returning shows on competing channels as well as online screeners like Netflix, 4OD and BBCiplayer.

With so many options for what we can and should watch we have to make the sacrifice of missing the unmissable every single day and catching up with a boxset when you have that magical spare week that happens once every 2 years.

There are those like me who try (and fail) to watch everything but even I struggle with the sheer amount of shows that come out. The next few months of balancing blogging, going to events, watching shows and making my Hulkbuster plus having a minor social life will be particularly interesting but I'm up for the challenge.

Others, especially those with families are not so fortunate to be able to balance their hobbies, TV and family life.

So my question is how the hell are we all supposed to watch all these great shows with everyone having less time than ever before?

The simple answer is of course to become hermits that never leave the comfort of our sofa with delivery drones bringing us food and some sort of waste disposal unit in close proximity (let's call it a "toilet"). We will give up the shackles of our jobs, families and friends, instead served my a never sleeping workforce of drones. Slowly but surely the amount of entertainment available will diminish until we are able to say we can go back to living. However by this time our robot overlords will realise we are weak and prime for the taking. They will gut the ones who fight back and make mindless fat puppets out of the rest, plying us with food and cheap reruns. We will question it at first but slowly we'll forget.

Okay, okay, maybe becoming hermits isn't an option.

The next simplest answer is to take out a select number of that's probably not a good idea, how would you choose???

Okay then there is only one option.

Relying on reviewers and bloggers like myself who go out of their way to watch a shit ton of shows that admittedly contains some lesser shows but also some fantastic unmissable ones. Yes trusting us to pick your shows for you is the only option. That or killing some writersa writers strike.

Well that's my rant for the day as I struggle to catch up on last weeks shows and this weeks after having gone and enjoyed some time away from the screen (scary I know).

Yes TV you take up so much time but

I love you

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