Sometimes TV gets History wrong

Sometimes TV gets History wrong

Always take what you see on TV with a pinch of salt, hell any information that you take in you should always question it.

I decided to do this is a quick post because it Black History month in the US and my dad found this really interesting video that he decided to send to me. Usually the stuff he sends isn't great but this was interesting.

You can see it below but if you can't be bothered to watch it, the geist of it is that The Lone Ranger was based on a real life black guy however when they came to create the show they changed the character to a caucasian because that's just what they did in those days...white-washing.

But it's not just TV that gets it wrong sometimes, it happens in movies too like in Argo where the entertaining true story of Tony Mendes was played by Ben Aflek. Mendes is an American of Mexican descent but this key attribute of the character is ignored and Aflek who has Irish roots plays him. The film is great but contradicts the history of Mendes and his ethnic origins.

One of my favourite scenes recently that highlights the lack of ethnic diversity in historical contexts is from Master of None. Who knows if there was actually an indian guy in the area when Facebook was being created but Aziz points out something that happens all the time...

However the crown for best example of entertainment getting history wrong has to go to Gods of Egypt which is a shocking portrayal of ancient Egyptian gods and mortals who are mostly white for some bizarre reason!

On the plus side Netflix has some of the most ethnically diverse shows, films and documentaries out there which is slowly affecting the entertainment industry as a whole which means we might actually see more accurate depictions of historic events which are less racially biased.

I can hope anyway...

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