The Downside of Watching New Shows

The Downside of Watching New Shows

There's a certain joy you get from sinking your teeth into a new show and experiencing a new story. You get to learn about new characters, a new fictional world and of course new scenes that mysteriously resonate with your own life.

However new shows come with a tragic downside. Somehow it always ends up that you are the only one who's seen the new show so you have no one to share it with.

It might be that people have been burnt too many times with new shows that don't stand the test of time so they don't want to put themselves through it unless they know it's a runaway hit. This is especially true with the never ending carousel of FOX sci-fi shows that the studio has no confidence in even though most of them are actually quite good!

Or maybe people already have more choice in shows than they need so can't find the room in their lives for every new show that comes out. With studios consistently increasing the amount of shows released every year this can be overwhelming for even the most hardened television watcher.

Whatever the case we end up with a situation where only a small few have watched new niche shows that are amazing but when we seek others who have also discovered them we find that no one has heard of it. This leaves us with the burden of not having someone to share the story with which is part of the joy of getting into it...being able to share your thoughts about it.

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