The Flash Team: Murderers

The Flash Team: Murderers

The team around and including the intrepid hero The Flash are murderers. No less than 3 meta-humans have died as a result of their actions in the series where they seek to catch and imprison meta-humans they deem to be unsafe for the general public.

While their intentions are pure and justified this does not disguise the fact that they have played judge, jury and most recently executioner to meta-humans.

I only realised this fact when I watched the second season premiere and my rose tinted glasses came off. For those who haven't watched it yet you might want to stop reading now.

All good?


If you've watched it you know that The Flash and co knowingly led an energy absorbing meta-human who used that energy to grow bigger into a nuclear reactor. Sure the meta-human had a high tolerance for energy and their plan to overwhelm that capacity with something he couldn't absorb was a great idea. However they failed to think of a way to save the guys life after putting him in a freaking NUCLEAR REACTOR! Of course he's going to die!!

And as the guy has already been pronounced dead earlier in the episode they get away with it scott-free!

No one shed any tears or had any remorse for what they did as far as I could see. In fact they threw a party for Barry's recently released from prison father who only got released after they killed the reverse flash by assisted future suicide (technically) and wiping him from the time stream. They did this by convincing a cop with a chip on his shoulder about dating a girl who's obviously going to end up with a superhero that he too could be a stopping his descendant. So he shot himself. What a sucker. Looking at it now the series could easily be the super powered version of the last supper. If you've not watched it you need to it's 20 years old now but still so good...

I'm not saying that the team aren't good people but put them in front of a judge and they are vigilantes who have taken the law into their own hands and killed at the end of the day.

They need to be stopped.

Is there no one who can stop this madness? Zoom maybe??

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