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top 5 American Football movies

As those of you who know me might know, I am an American football fan (I use the term "fan" very loosely) and it has become a tradition for me to watch the Super Bowl every year. This has inspired me this week to make the posts about American Football but more importantly; film and TV related to the great sport.

The 5 films/movies/screen plays (whatever you want to call them) in the infographic represent everything you need to make it, both in the game of American Football and in life itself. Belief in yourself, unbreakable will & mentality, teamwork, a will to do whatever it takes and most of all a support system. If you have some or all of these things there is literally nothing you can't do within the realms of possibility. The only limitations are in your mind.

I hope you've liked the infographic designed with my close friend. We both enjoyed collaborating to create it and feel it turned out great! If you think so too don't hesitate to comment on the post, pin it, tweet it, share it, steal it what feels right.

As a bit of a break from the usual TV related gifs/quotes and in the spirit of the upcoming Super Bowl I have found a recent video by Fraser Davidson explaining the rules of the game which ties in nicely with this post. I hope you enjoy this too!

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