Top Gear - Battle of the Presenters

Top Gear - Battle of the Presenters

Top Gear

Top Gear has been a staple of British TV for years...decades I'm pretty sure. God knows how it's gone on so long (like most british TV) however for the most part it was highly entertaining and that can in large be pinpointed to one man...Jermey Clarkson.

Yes, although he might have been a massive bellend in real life on the show he was...nope he was just as much of a bellend. But I'll be honest, I can't fault him for it because it's his brutal honesty that made him and the show just so entertaining. We love a dick on TV. Wait that sounds wrong...

Anyway...after a mishap in a bar there was the awkward period where Jeremy Clarkson was forced to leave the show which meant that Top Gear had to find a new presenter sharpish. For some "bizarre" reason they chose Chris Evans who while being a petrol-head is also a little bit of a bellend too so maybe he has a shot of making the show great again. Maybe.

To put everyone's minds at ease Car Leasing Made Simple put together a great infographic which pits the two presenters attributes (don't worry it's basically their CV not anything else) against each other.

Top gear presenter infographic

It's a bit close to call but at the moment I'd still say Clarkson is the better presenter, however I wouldn't count Evans out just yet as the new series which will feature Matt Le Blanc is already making headlines with their antics. That whole thing about no PR being bad PR mostly rings true for the show so time will tell whether they're going to be successful or not.

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