TV Trev goes to Barcelona: Day 3

TV Trev goes to Barcelona: Day 3

Ready Player One

After a night of drinking I woke up more than a little late and settled into a lazy morning of finishing the epic book that is Ready Player One which I'd set out to read and finish by the end of the trip. It was well worth it and I will likely review it when I get a chance. By the time I finished and made my way to the convention it was already a few hours in and I was pleasantly surprised to find unlike the previous two days there was a sizeable crowd outside and it was packed inside. Considering how large the venue was this slightly floored me.

However not only was there a crowd of geeks and fanboys clamouring to get inside, there were also the thing that I came for most...cosplayers.

From the moment I walked up to the venue I could see them in their striking costumes from all manner of game, book, comic, movie and TV show as well those of their own creation. A variety of materials were used from foam to fabric and it was outstanding.

I spent the afternoon fighting my way through the crowds to find the best cosplayers so I could get a good picture of them. As you can tell from my album on Facebook I was successful.

With the convention being in Barcelona the guide was understandably in Spanish and Catalan but there was no english version which meant I was pretty unaware of what talks and or guests were about. I was lucky enough to stumble on to the Saturday Cosplay Masquerade which was completely not in English which made me question some of the interpretations of cartoons,films and television shows in other countries. That being said it was pretty cool to watch the performance that all the cosplayers who took part put together. Even with the language barrier the performances -being based on popular culture- were still understandable to me and extremely enjoyable to watch.


The best performance of the lot has to be the one done by the foursome of Warhammer cosplayers which was had the armour of the two men being partially put together on stage in ritualistic fashion.

All in all it was a good albeit short day at the convention.

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