TWD: Are musical intros characters swan songs?

By now I think most of The Walking Dead (TWD) fan boys and girls have watched the most recent episode so I should be safe to talk about the intro which featured a reveal into what Carol got up to in her time banished from the group.

The tune "Bad Blood" by Alison Mosshart and Eric Arjes is played in the background as the audience is taken through a sequence of events that happen right after Carol is banished. The song is all about bad blood and fits in perfectly with the way that Carol was forced to leave the group by Rick way back in Season 4. We watch as Carol travels solo, pissed off at the world at first but slowly succumbing to her solitary and lonely existence. It was as intended...kinda depressing.

However I want to throw you back to season 4 again where there was another music video if you remember.

The Governor (RIP...ieces) fresh from his loss, lost his identity as the badass that he was and we the audience loved it! It was different and like Carol's video a little depressing.

But a few mere episodes later he was dead and this is what I think will be coming Carol's way. Or at least I hope it is. (Beth too but then I don't really like her cute/spunky attitude).

If you're a Walking Dead comic fan like me or better yet if you've read my previous post about the differences between the comics and the series you will know that Carol should have died back at the prison when she went crazy and sacrificed herself to a walker. I am honestly a fan of her in the TV show but...bitch has got to die. Keeping loved characters alive for the sake of fans pisses me off more than a little bit. By all means keep them alive to a certain point but be ruthless like George R.R. Martin (what does that RR stand for? Don't tell me I want it to be like a mystery I never answer for myself) and kill these characters that you love and open yourself to a new creative world with the absence of them.

If Season 5 has taught me anything it's that they are getting more in line with the comics but at the same time they are taking a few detours and introducing new characters like Tyler James Williams' character so I think the direction of the series could go anywhere at this point. Characters could die at a moments notice which is the theme they're going for (thankfully) this season. I guess I'll have to wait and see what happens in the upcoming episodes!

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