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Blog Awards
So at some point over the last few months in my roller coaster ride blogging I decided to enter the UK Blog Awards. My chances of winning are slim as I'm up against a lot of competition who have way better blogs, more time and have actual people who follow their blogs (I'm seriously curious who's reading my blog make yourselves known!). However I'm holding out for that miracle where I somehow get enough votes to get to the finals so I can get all dressed up and what not.

UK Blog Awards

The blog awards are basically a way to recognise individuals and organisations blogs which is something that most might not even think possible. It's also a great opportunity for bloggers (professional and hobbyist) to network and be inspired by others stories.

As you can see from the video below the previous Blog Awards was a great event and this years should be even bigger!

It's my hope to be part of it.

How to Vote

Voting is really easy. I've entered two categories; Art & Culture and Young Person Recognition (18-25years). All you have to do to vote is click on the links below and fill out 2 boxes with your name and a valid email address. As they are seperate categories you can vote for both of them.

The judging process is as follows:

UK Blog Awards Process (2015 Awards) 
Entries and Nominations: 1st September 2014 – 31st October 2014
Public Vote: 10th November 2014 until 3rd December 2014
Finalists Announced: w/c 12th December 2014 (10 individuals and 10 organisations x 14 categories)
Expert Judging Period: w/c 8th December 2014 – 23rd January 2015
Paid Ticketed Awards Evening and Winners Announced: April 2015 (UK Awards Evening)
UKBAs reserve the right to change dates during any period

- It will be down to you as an Individual and Organisation to promote your entry to your colleagues, friends, family and organisations

- Once the Public Vote closes the top 10 Blogs from each category will be put forward to our expert Industry Judges (NOTE: in a few categories up to 11 blogs are shortlisted due to equal number of votes)

- There will be two industry Judges per category and the third will be the UKBA organisers only used as veto judges

- The criteria for the awards will be judged as follows:
1. Design
2. Style
3. Content
4. Marketing
5. Usability

- The top x10 Blogs from each Industry Category (Individual and Organisation) will be shortlisted and will be showcased on the UKBA website 

via UKBA

If you could do me the huge favour of voting for me and sharing it with your friends that would be awesome. I've had a great time blogging this last year and will still continue win or lose but it would be amazing to get shortlisted.

Come on people don't be shy...


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