What we imagine doing to spoilers

What we imagine doing to spoilers

Spoilers die
I've touched on the issue of spoilers before but after seeing an ad from Netflix concerning it I've decided to return to it once again for two reasons, one being how epic this ad is and because it really can't be reiterated enough how much spoilers aren't for everybody.

Netflix has done an amazing new ad that has two characters who represent us all, the spoiler and the spoilee. However it's done in a wonderfully creative way which speaks to the sick part of our psyche as to what we imagine of doing to those who would be stupid enough to be a spoiler in our presence.

It's a classic torture scene you've seen before in countless shows and films where a man is bound to a chair, preparing himself to be tortured after crossing a line. Maybe he leaked some sensitive information, maybe he informed on the guy...we just don't know!

Whatever the case he's about to get what's coming to him...right?

In the ad he's just about to see what it's like to be shoved into a pit of rats while doused in honey. Probably not a good way to go out I imagine...

I myself won't spoil the ending (because I ain't no snitch) but I will let you discover it by watching.

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