Godzilla Trailer 2 Breakdown

Okay I was tempted to be lazy this weekend and not do a post after going out Friday and having just a little bit too much fun (as I usually do when I go out). However I couldn't help myself doing a very small post after watching the latest trailer for Godzilla (one of the films I'm looking forward to most this year) broken down by the director Gareth Edwards.

via Empire

Watching this I was surprised by how normal he still is as a person describing the film (or rather the trailer of the film) he created. I'll be honest he could probably come back to Nuneaton, be in a pub and no one would know who he is.

My favourite bit of the breakdown is the origami cranes snuck into the corner of the scene made to look like jets with the right angling. I just loved the thought that went into forshadowing future events in the film. From what I took watching this breakdown and the trailer itself, I see this as being possibly the greatest rendition of Godzilla ever. I can't even tell how it's going to end yet and I really hope I still won't be able to guess up until the release of the film.

I just really hope it's not like the previous incarnation of Godzilla and bones us with the idea of a sequel that never ever...ever...comes. (please don't do that to me Gareth. I'm begging you. I have super high hopes.)

For those who want to see the new trailer in full check it out below.

So did anyone else get chills from the trailer?

As always I'll end this with something that sums up my thoughts after seeing the trailer and the breakdown.

troy shock

Yeah it's late and I will be going over this trailer again and again and again in my head. For those who may have had an epileptic fit looking at that gif...I apologise.

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